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Mello Vending believes your business runs better when you, your employees and your customers have the nutrition and snacks to be happy and productive.

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Mello Vending is Lebanon Counties Premier Vending Company for Over 57 Years

Our Company

Mello Vending was founded in 1959 by Paul Samuel Shaffer.

We are now in our fourth generation. Richard Shaffer, Sr and Richard Shaffer, Jr helped build the company base from the 1960’s to today. Back then we had pull knob candy machines before moving into cold beverages, hot coffee and simple snacks to keep people happy and productive on the job. Freshly made sandwiches have been a big hit for Mello Vending for decades.

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What We Do

Cold and Hot Drinks

Our soda machines are always up and running, stocked with your favorite classics and mixing in special rotations. Customers also love our hot coffee and expresso machines. Get a Vanilla Latte at the push of a button!


Whatever your people need, Mello Vending can provide in our snack machines. We have healthy, power packed options, delicious pastries, and of course a wide variety of chips and candy.

Office Coffee Service

Do you want to make sure that you always have a good hot pot of office coffee for your employees and customers? Mello Vending will keep your coffee pot and hot water maker working and your coffee stocked with single pot packs. We also provide creamer and can even provide Keurig upon request.

Sandwich Machines

Our freshly made sandwiches and microwave options stay delicious and fresh in our sandwich machines. We also stock plenty of fruits alongside of our fresh made sandwiches!