Our Story

Mello Vending was founded in 1959 by Paul Samuel Shaffer. We are now in our fourth generation. Richard Shaffer, Sr and Richard Shaffer, Jr helped build the company base from the 1960’s to today. Back then we had pull knob candy machines before moving into cold beverages, hot coffee and simple snacks to keep people happy and productive on the job. Freshly made sandwiches have been a big hit for Mello Vending for decades.

Rick, Sr and Rick, Jr are still involved daily to keep Mello Vending ahead of the curve and meet our customer’s needs. The route and maintenance work is now headed up by Adam and Aaron Shaffer as Mello Vending remains a family business and continues to stay on the cutting edge with state of the art equipment while maintaining local family owned customer service. We are always striving for fresher, healthier options while supplying all the traditional favorites

Vending Services

Our vending services are marked by our own personal touch. While our competitors are mostly large corporate enterprises, as a local family owned business we are personally on site daily to make sure that your machines are fully stocked, working and clean. If you ever have a concern you will have a direct line to one of our family managers who will assist you personally. Our long track record of lasting customer satisfaction is proof of our high standard of service. Some of our customers have chosen Mello Vending since the 1970’s and are still with us today because we provide the same high standard of service on day one as day one-hundred and beyond.

Customer Testimonial

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Our focus is to provide quality work with outstanding vending service to all our clients.

Our vending services are marked by our own personal touch since 1959.