Mello Vending Machine Services

For almost 61 years Mello Vending has used the latest in vending technology to conveniently meet the hunger needs of their customers. Your satisfaction is our business!

Cold Drink Machines

Water, Soda, Juice, Energy, Bottles, Cans, you name it we have the cutting edge machine to deliver it to you ice cold! We carry almost any drink you like and are happy to stock your machines to your’s and your employees preferences. Supplying you with what you want is our number one goal.

Snack Vending Machines

The snack world is changing these days. It is no longer just about potato chips, even though there are tons of delicious options there still. We can stock your lunch room vending machine or waiting room machine with a wide variety of snacks. We have healthy snacks for vending, delicious pastries, candy, gum, mints, nuts, pretty much anything you can think of!

Hot Coffee and Soup Machines

Whether it’s an early morning, late night shift or just a regular chilly Pennsylvania winters day, you will be able to warm yourself to the core with a hot coffee, custom latte or even chicken soup! We make sure that your facility has an automated vending machine that can deliver any of those hot options at the touch of a button. We make sure that the coffee is fresh, and even have it custom roasted right here in western Pennsylvania! Custom service is just one way we provide top of the line customer service for all your food and drink vending needs!

Fresh Sandwich Machines

Are you looking for more than just a snack? Our fresh made sandwiches are conveniently delivered by one of our sandwich machines that you can keep in any break or lunch room. With an ever rotating menu of classic favorites, along with pizzas, hot dogs, burgers, and fresh produce our sandwich vending machines will provide you with the right option right when you want it!

Change Making Machines

Need change? Mello Vending supplies easy, convenient and reliable change making machines as part of our vending service. We always want to make sure that it is simple and fast for your customers and employees to grab a bite or a drink on the go! Happy people makes for a happy company